BPI Hand Sanitizer Spray (4 oz)

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  • 75% Ethyl Alcohol, FDA Listed, Made in USA
  • Provides users with a disinfecting spray in an aerosol can that allows for a constant and even spray. Allows users to spray their skin, as well as furniture, shopping bags, keys, clothing, shoes, vehicles and more. Utilizes 75% ethyl alcohol to eradicate germs on contact. Offers individuals a convenient and effective method for killing germs in a variety of settings. Assists in preventing the transmission of illnesses by ensuring skin and other surfaces are effectively sanitized.
  • Lack access to soap and water, leaving you unable to wash hands. If an unsanitary surface is touched, germs and bacteria can be transferred from the hands to the nose, mouth, etc. It is important, especially during a pandemic to make sure the hands and other items are regularly sanitized.
  • After arriving home from running errands, it would be ideal if individuals could use a disinfectant to spray clothing and shopping bags. When getting back into a vehicle, spraying down the steering wheel and seats would be beneficial. There are many scenarios where having an effective disinfectant spray would help stop the spread of germs.
  • BPI Hand Sanitizer Spray is designed to eradicate germs on the skin, clothing, furniture, and many other items. The spray has a 75% ethyl alcohol content. It is stored in an aluminum can with a twist cap. The can prevents damages from squeezing or dropping. The can is available in 4 oz and 6 oz options. BPI Hand Sanitizer Spray can be dispensed as a continuous spray to immediately kill germs on the skin and objects.

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